Consultancy and Assistance for the Management of Expropriation Procedures in the Demarcation of State Roads in Western Andalusia (File: 6/99).

Date: 1998
Client: Ministry of Public Works. General Directorate of Roads

Expropriation of the following roads:

Province of Cádiz

  • Jerez de la Frontera West Ring Road. Key: 48-CA-3450 (nº of properties: 42)
  • Dupilization of CN-IV. Section: End of the Puerto Real – Tres Caminos Bypass. K.P. 664,800 / 671,800. Key: 47-CA-3420 (nº of properties: 32)

Province of Seville

  • La Plata Highway. Section: Gerena Junction – Camas Junction. Key: 12-SE-3730 (nº of properties: 159)
  • La Plata Highway. Section: Venta del Alto – Gerena junction. Key: 12-SE-3730 (nº of properties: 13)
  • La Plata Highway. Sections B3, B4 and B5. (nº of properties: 51)
  • A-49. Improved linkage and drainage. Section: Pilas – Carrión. Key: 39-SE-4060 (No. of properties: 21)
  • Utrera link. SE-30 with SE-401. Key: 39-SE-3550 (nº of properties: 6)
  • N-IV. Guadalema de los Quinteros link. Key: 39-SE-4190 (nº of properties: 4)

Province of Huelva

  • La Plata Highway. Tranche B1 and B2. (nº of properties: 35)
  • Aljaraque Junction – Lepe Junction (West). Key: 12-H-2650 (No. of properties: 265)
  • Huelva – Gibraleón. Key: 20-H-2610 (No. of properties: 78)

Province of Córdoba

  • Córdoba (N-IV Junction) – Fernán Nuñez. Key: 12-CO-3840 (nº of properties: 440)
  • Fernán Nuñez – Montilla. Key: 12-CO-3850 (No. of properties: 340)
  • Montilla – Aguilar de la Frontera (N). Key: 12-CO-3860 (No. of farms: 220)
  • Aguilar de la Frontera (N) – Aguilar de la Frontera (S). Key: 12-CO-3870 (No. of properties: 224)
  • Aguilar de la Frontera (S) – Lucena (O). Key: 12-CO-3880 (No. of properties: 310)
  • Lucena (O) – Lucena (S). Key: 12-CO-3890 (No. of farms: 200)
  • Encinas Reales variant. Key: 12-CO-4000 (nº of farms: 150)
  • Espiel – Cuesta de Matanzas. Key: 12-CO-3130 (nº of properties: 109)
  • Cuesta de Matanzas – Cerro Muriano. Key: 12-CO-3140 (No. of properties: 19)
  • Cerro Muriano variant. Key: 20-CO-2160 (nº of farms: 50)
  • Cerro Muriano – Córdoba (P.K. 258.05 – 263.00). Key: 20-CO-3250 (nº of properties: 9)
  • Cerro Muriano – Córdoba (P.K. 263.00 – 267.0). Key: 33-CO-2990 (nº of properties: 28)
  • Variant of Santa Eufemia. Key: 23-CO-3120 (No. of properties: 185)