Control and surveillance

The advisory and consulting activity developed by Synconsult S.L., has one of its main pillars in the assistance to the Promoting Organism (normally Public Administrations) for the control and surveillance of the works, supervising that they are adjusted to what is indicated in the corresponding project and complying with the quality levels required according to the economic resources available.

The experience that Synconsult S.L. has developed in the drafting of civil infrastructure projects, allows it to have a complete methodology for the analysis of the project that serves as a reference for the execution of the works, identifying the most relevant aspects, deficiencies and errors, if any. In this way, valuable information is provided to the owner’s representative for the monitoring of the works, as well as to evaluate possible modifications to the project.

The inspection and control of the work carried out in each of the activities of the project, contrasting the quality levels both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view, allows a quick reaction and facilitates the correction of deviations with respect to the required standards.


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