Road studies and projects

Synconsult S.L. has been contributing for several decades to the efforts of different Public Administrations (Central State Administration, Autonomous Communities, Provincial Councils and City Councils) in the modernization of the Spanish road network. This participation has been developed in all fields, from the inventory of roads and their state of conservation, the drafting of Road Plans, the drafting of Preliminary Projects and Informative Studies, Traffic Studies, as well as the drafting of Layout and Construction Projects, among others.

In carrying out the various works, the Technical and Legal Regulations in force, in continuous evolution, have been taken into account, and the latest technological means have been incorporated, thus fulfilling the company’s basic commitment to quality and innovation.

The wide variety of studies and projects in which Synconsult S.L. has participated, allows it to treasure experience in relevant issues such as tunnels, large viaducts, junctions where several roads converge, and in general the design of high capacity roads of the latest generation, respectful with the environment and with high functional standards, safety and comfort.


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