Expropriation management

In order to carry out public works, it is essential that the land on which they are located is fully available. The complexity of the actions required to achieve the objective of ensuring that there are no legal obstacles to the commencement, development and completion of the works on the planned land, justifies Synconsult S.L.’s incorporation of Expropriation Management as one of its specific activities.

Expropriations can be divided into two phases: the drafting of the project and the processing of the files.

With the drafting of the projects, both the owners and the affected assets and easements are identified and the corresponding compensation is valued in accordance with the law and reference prices.

Synconsult S.L. has accumulated extensive experience in the collection and processing of parcel data, contrasting the information in the fields and transferring it to the project plans, as well as in the development of databases with the owners and the affected properties that allow the expropriation process to continue, settling it on complete and accurate information that allows a systematic monitoring of the actions.

Subsequently, the processing of the expropriations consists of agreeing with each owner on the nature and amount of the conditions and, if not, resolving the discrepancies in accordance with the law until the land to be expropriated is considered public land.

The large amount of documentation generated during the processing of these processes requires the expertise of experienced technicians, and specific computer programs for information processing, which Synconsult S.L. has at its disposal.